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Corporate Yoga - Creating Happier (connected) Staff 😊

Yoga = Happier (more connected) Workplace

With the global pandemic continuing to create waves around the world, it is little wonder that we continue to worry about our jobs - from job security to apprehension around returning to the office.

So how do employers and HR teams address this increasing detached workforce and how can they engage staff in a way that restores their faith in their jobs and connects them back to their teammates?

Yoga is a possible solution that can be easily accommodated by most work environments – consider an empty meeting/board room, roof-top, or nearby park, and offer a yoga class to remote staff via Zoom. Age and experience are no barriers to yoga as it is suitable for everyone.

Yoga is an ancient (over 3000 years old) practice that focuses on combining our breath with movements (asanas/postures) to release the tension in our body, quieten the mind and renew our depleted nervous systems.

As a small business owner, we offered a weekly “pick me up Wednesday” lunch time yoga class to reward our team. For a fair fee, we hired a professional instructor to lead our 60 minute classes. For over seven years our team thrived on these sessions, reporting a range of benefits from a reduction in stress/anxiety, improved clarity and productivity to greater health and wellbeing. Plus, we achieved greater team morale and a higher level of compassion amongst the team.

A recent Forbes media story cited that “employee burnout is at historic levels with more than 70% of employees feeling that their employers aren’t doing enough to address workplace burnout such as extreme physical and emotional exhaustion that results in a lack of professional efficacy, increased cynicism, lack of engagement and depleted energy.”

The story cites that burnout is usually the result of several triggers over a period of time that causes “even the most passionate employee to become disengaged.”

So, if you are considering ways to re-ignite your team members passion for the job, or opportunities to incentivise them back into the office, consider offering a weekly Corporate Yoga class. It might be just the ‘pick me up’ that you will all benefit from!

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