• Simone Larmer

Spring Notes


Spring is the perfect season to emerge from lockdown.

Our bodies are already naturally curious at this time, so maximise this by adding in more gentle exercise/asana into your day.

Other ways to support you, your body and mind this Spring include:

  • Eat lighter seasonal whole foods that nourish your body and give you energy and vitality (I personally love Beauty Chef’s fab recipes)!

  • Set an intention for yourself

  • Put ideas into action - if you have been pondering an idea or action over the past months, this is the time to plant the seeds and make it happen

  • Mindfulness – notice what’s going on around you and be curious of nature and others

  • Enjoy self-growth this month – from fitness, to reconnecting with friends and loved ones, learning something new or ditching anything that no longer serves you.

  • If practicing yoga, enjoy asanas that support the detox process (of your liver and gallbladder) including Sun Salutes, Twists, Frog, Wide-legged forward folds, Seated Square and more.

Be compassionate and kind to yourself and others as we embrace this new awakening of the body and mind.

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