• Simone Larmer

Approach Yoga in an Authentic Way

Yoga is a way to live your life – from the asanas (postures/movements) to the philosophy there is a lot to learn and respect. The key things when considering practicing more yoga classes/movement are:

Leave your Ego at the door – yoga is an inward journey for you and not something you do to externally please or impress others with.

Meet your body where it is at – if you are low on energy – respect that and go easy during the practice – there is no need to do every sun salutation or plant if your body is yearning a child’s pose.

Breath – it is life force and we need it to survive. Respect the power of breath and focus on it during practice to allow you to be present in your practice.

Yoga = compassion to me. It represents compassion for yourself, for others you know and all humankind.

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