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Trying to find the time for exercise or self-care time - here's my tips....

It can be tricky to balance your own self-care and work out needs when you are pulled in many directions by your family (children) and work commitments.

Below are my tips for how to achieve a better life balance for YOU which will pay dividends to all those around you.

Be Realistic!

Firstly, sit down and consider how much time you can allocate and what options of exercise suit your current lifestyle. For example - if you love to swim but access to a pool is going to be an issue (due to COVID19, childcare, location, or work hours) then find a more practical exercise option. If money is scarce, consider jogging/walking (around your area) or a more affordable exercise option (ocean swimming, online training programs etc). If money is no option and you lack discipline, is a personal trainer a better way to kick you off! You are more likely to succeed with your exercise goals if you have a realistic approach – both with what exercise/self-care options best suit you and how much time you can honestly spare each week/day to it!

Schedule it!

Look at the weekly plan and consider where exercise is possible – my advice for a happy healthy you, is to seek 2-3 spots a week you can include active exercise.

o If working, could you allocate your lunch hour to a run or visit to a nearby pool

o If you are sole person at home with kids, what are your mornings and evenings like – could you allocate a short meditation, yoga or stretch session before the kids wake up, or while they are enjoying playtime nearby.

o If you have a partner could you navigate times in the schedule that you can each take turns in getting in your exercise goals met – e.g. alternative mornings a week before work?

Be Prepared

Think ahead. If you are starting your day with exercise, then pack your gym/swim bag the night before and lay out your work clothes for the next day in advance. If you are exercising after work, could you start meal prep ahead to ensure you come home to an easier schedule for dinner. If exercising over lunch (or breakfast) – could you pre-prepare a sandwich or smoothie, so your body fuelled after a workout and minimise any further delays getting back to work/family needs!

Boundaries Matter!

You have made the commitment to your exercise so be sure to put some boundaries around that time to avoid spoiling this valuable time. For example is your mobile on ‘Do Not Disturb’, have the discipline not to have a quick last minute look at your emails or social media accounts! Avoid using this time to also try and achieve other ‘to do’ list items; let your family know of your plan and ask them to respect it. If you have to, create and use a ‘do not disturb’ sign and hang it outside the area you’re working out!

Be Accountable

The only person who will be crushed if you do not exercise if YOU! So, make sure you stick to your plan and be proud of all you are achieving.

Be Flexible 😊

Life happens and sometimes the best laid plans just do not go our way! ☹ Your child is sick, work has a crisis, the weather is not safe enough for your run or whatever else happens, be okay with that! Consider what might be a better option for you and re-schedule or make a compromise if you need to swap the outdoor run for a high intensity workout at home! Please do not delete the exercise from your schedule, rather re-work into your schedule – even if it means you’re not well so the exercise hour becomes a home mediation/pranayama session! Exercise is self care and you need to ensure you are looked after no matter what!

Be Proud! You are putting your health and wellbeing first so be proud of yourself! 😊

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